It’s that time of the year again 

Happy new month and happy independence Nigeria. I personally don’t feel celebratory because with the current situation in the country there isn’t much to celebrate about sincerely but then again we are always told that as Christian’s we should in every situation “GIVE THANKS” 

This time of the year happens to be my favourite season in almost all aspects of my life  starting  from the church :- Christmas carols are almost upon us (advent season) to TV Series :- Yup best Tv time is here once again and oh the festive/Bonding season :- mushy family time with family members I haven’t seen all year round. So when I say it’s my favourite time, you know why!

I have so much to write about but between Nysc, work and other tiny activities I’m currently involved in (excited and positive about them) I haven’t had time for anything but that’s all about to change or rather I hope it changes because your girl is all about finishing this year strong 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼. 

So in the past month, 3 of my posts got featured on TNC

My favourite being the post about my “first time”You can read all about them here, here and here

I look forward to sharing everything that’s been going on with you all soonish. In the mean time, How was your September? Has the year been fair to you? and what are your plans for the last quarter of the year? 


Angry at the arrogance of your ignorance!

I was sent this thought provoking message and boy did it speak the truth? Even though a little harsh lol YES THERE’S RECESSION, YES NIGERIA IS AT IT’S WORSE ECONOMY AND YES TO WHATEVER REASON YOU GIVE YOURSELF BUT ITS TIME YOU BREAK OUT OF THE BOX!! AND STOP FOLLOWING WHAT THE ECONOMY SAYING. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Create your own reality.

I’m sharing this because it is thought-provoking. I wish you could forward it to every youth known to you, so they can have a piece of it. And let the sleeping giants rise. 
“My Dear Nigerian Youths”, by Prof. Isa.
  I am very angry and that is why I am addressing you.
 You are the source of my anger and I want to vent my spleen- maybe not at you directly- but at the arrogance of your ignorance.
You sit in front of a computer and rant all day through social media but with every click, you make money – not for yourself – but for Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).
With every megabyte of data you spend complaining and maligning, you make stupendous bucks for Etisalat, Glo and Airtel.
Over the next two years, the number of Nigerian millionaires will jump by 47% but most likely you will not be among because you are too busy whining and complaining. And yet about 60% of Nigeria’s 170m population are below 35 years. Oh, what a waste! By the way, Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he started Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg

Africa’s youngest billionaire, Ashish Thakkar, is 31. He escaped from the Rwandan genocide and relocated to Uganda where he started an IT business.

Ashish Thakkar

Collin Thornton, who made his millions by fixing bad computers and setting up Dial-a-Nerd, is 35.

Collin Thorton

Adam Horowitz, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, started 30 websites in 3 years before he became successful.

 The only thing you have ever started is an online petition. Have you heard of Jason Njoku? He’s 33 and the founder of Iroko TV. He received $8m investment into his company just a few years ago. What he does? Sharing the same Nollywood films that you spend hours to watch online. He didn’t just hang around waiting for Buhari to make something happen or blaming Jonathan for not making anything happen.

Mr Njoku

Kamal Budhabhatti was deported from Kenya but while on the flight, he thought of the opportunities in Kenya. He found his way back after 6 months and today his company is valued at $30m. He’s 36.

Mr Kamal

Have you heard of Chinedu Echeruo? Apple just paid $1b for his app. He’s a Nigerian like you and all he did was attempt to fix a problem. But for you, the only thing you attempt to fix are your nails- and your hairdo! Chinedu moved to New York in 1995 and found it difficult to navigate the city with ease so he developed HopStop to fix the problem. 

Mr Chinedu

Stop listing all the problems – we know them already but what are you doing about them?
Awolowo was 37, Akintola was 36, Ahmadu Bello was 36, Tafawa Balewa was 34, Okotie-Eboh was 27 and Enahoro was 27 at the time of independence of Nigeria.
In 1966, the first coup was led by Kaduna Nzeogwu (29) and stopped by Murtala Mohammed (28), TY Danjuma (28), IBB (25), Sanni Abacha (23) and Shehu Yar’adua (23).
It brought in Yakubu Gowon as Head of State at 32 and Olusegun Obasanjo at 29.
You are in your 40s and you still sag your trousers.
 Of course, you know Linda Ikeji. You’ve spent hundreds of hours on her blog laughing and commenting while she smiles her way to the bank. 
She’s just built a house for her father in the village- just by you clicking on her gossip and sharing.
Your day is not complete without a stop by at her blog. She was as broke as you are but she turned a hobby into a business.
 Are you that void of understanding?
You think those politicians have any regard for you?
That is why I referred to the arrogance of your ignorance at the beginning of this diatribe.
You have a false estimation of yourself. You have an over bloated ego. 
You are only as good as an election ticket – pure and simple. You are only good to be used and discarded like a used ballot paper. Who keeps a used ballot paper anyway? That is why they only remember you every four years. 

With Love 

Prof. Isa
NB:- It’s not what you don’t have that limits you but what you have and don’t know how to use. 

You can! 

Came across this picture on Instagram from @theamazingpeop.le full of self-sacrifice and generosity. 

Giving is a blessing. Having more than you need is a blessing. Fulfilling a desire, a want, a need, a prayer is a blessing. I don’t know what you’re going through currently but I’m positive that you would want blessings added unto you.

So go forth and be a blessing in any way possible.


World Physiotherapy day 2016 | Add life to years!

Physical Therapy are Rehabilitation specialists. They specialize in the promotion of mobility in those handicapped by illness or trauma or congenital conditions. 

Today 8th September has been set aside specifically as PHYSICAL THERAPY DAY worldwide. It’s a day dedicated to all physical therapists throughout the world and it aims to recognise our commitment to keeping everyone fighting-fit. Our commitment to making the world a better place one rehabilitation after the other. 

According to WCPT (World Confederation for Physical therapy) it’s a day that marks the unity and solidarity of the global physical therapy community. It is an opportunity to recognise the work that physical therapists do for their patients and community. 

This year WCPT is suggesting that physical therapists around the world publicise their important role in healthy ageing, and “adding life to years”.

This choice of message follows the WHO World Report on Ageing And Health which says that “maintenance of functional ability has the highest importance” for older people. WCPT has played a significant role in the consultations which resulted in the new WHO ageing and health strategy.

 By 2050 the global population will include two billion people aged 60 or over, and 400 million aged 80 or over. 

You can find out more about wcpt plans here 

A branch of physical therapy called geriatrics which I talked about here is a specialty that focuses on the well-being of the older generation (mostly from 65years and above but may vary in different countries). It focuses on exercises and other rehabilitation techniques beneficial to the older generation.

Six-year-old Hiba has been having therapy for four months at the WTTC after twice undergoing surgery. She was injured in Homs, Syria. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Hussein Baydoun

The importance of physical therapy in the world today cannot be over emphasized as the demand for physiotherapists worldwide is rapidly increasing cutting a cross all the sub-specialites of physical therapy which I explained here

ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) has been documenting it’s rehabilitation journey as seen here across  countries such as Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Gaza , Iraq etc breaking barriers. They are currently setting up rehabilitation centers in Sudan and hope to cut across all African countries.  

young girl getting her prosthetic hand painted

Ahmad has been in the ICRC´s care at its Weapon Traumatology and Training Centre for months. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Hussein Baydoun

My name is Uduchukwu Adaora and I’m a Physical therapist! 


NB:- Pictures used in this post are of real patients and war survivors . Courtesy ICRC and WCPT page 

You can donate or learn what ICRC Physical Rehabilitation is all about here .